A Surreal Voyage surpassing Reason and Imagination.
It tells the story of TIGROU, a small child lost in a wood, who seeks shelter for the night in an Old Abandoned Castle. The arrival of little TIGROU opens a veritable Pandora ́s Box of the Castle’s unseen dwellers, unknown and lost in time.

A troupe of acrobats, singers, and dancers bring this fantastical tale to life, and tell the story of the journey of a small boy to adulthood.

TIGROU pays homage to old storytelling magic (from Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s poetic stories), recreating the spellbinding thrill of childhood where everything is possible, in a realm where life and death walk hand in hand.

Created and directed by Pablo David Perez. Its successive acts lend dramatic voice to the live show and give life to a vibrant tale that conjures deeply personal and dreamlike landscapes in an Avant Garde theatrical setting.
Written and Directed by Pablo David Perez
Original Score: Sebastián Verea
Choreography: Gustavo Wons
In the news
  • To the amazement and excitement provoked by Tigrou, follows the ovation. - GENTE
  • "Tigrou" is a unique experience. - CLARÍN
  • A circus filled with glamour, skill and imagination.
  • "Tigrou" has come to offer a really great show and to prove that our country has brilliant artists. - RED TEATRAL
  • "Tigrou" is pure efficacy. - LA RAZÓN
  • The acrobatics show that will make you believe in magic again. - PRONTO
  • Magnificent show that touches children and adults alike. - REVISTA G7
  • An astounding show. - CRÓNICA