The Company
Founded in 2006 by Argentine Pablo David Pérez and Swiss Harald Helmuth Kruger, INNOVACIRCO started out as an acrobatics ensamble. Today, it has become a leader of international outreach in the world of entertainment. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it is devoted to the creation and production of artistic works following its mission to entertain audiences around the globe.

INNOVACIRCO pushes live performances into uncharted territory, presenting their audiences with fully immersive experiences.
To work at INNOVACIRCO send your material to casting@innovacirco.com
OUR Values
To maintain the integrity of our creative process.
To acknowledge and respect every individual contribution to our body of work.
To push the boundaries of what is possible.
To encourage and promote all sports’ potential as an art form.
After years of pushing the boundaries, INNOVACIRCO has performed in various countries, crossing the borders into Brazil, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Switzerland, and the USA, among others.

INNOVACIRCO has appeared before audiences at Opera Houses, Stadiums, International Festivals, outside the confine of the circus itself.
To dream the unimaginable and to create the unexpected. Dreaming is at the core of the philosophy of INNOVACIRCO. At INNOVACIRCO, we believe that to go beyond, to carry dreams, means to trust the people who fuel its projects with their work.

At INNOVACIRCO, we offer artists and creatives the freedom to pursue their wildest dreams and make them real.